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Your favourite lean innovation tools and processes in one place

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For Teams

All the tools an innovation team needs, made smart.

Stop wasting time swapping tools and looking for insights and learnings.

There are loads of innovation tools and software out there. We selected only the best for you. Your favourite platforms and the powerful powerUps for you in one place.

Canvases, templates and sticky notes turned smart.

We love innovation tools. They are visual and easy to use, but they are not smart. We connected everything and created smart applications especially designed for innovators.

Data is power. Innovation data is all over the place. Not anymore.

Every single datapoint you produce is automatically organised and put available for your to search, filter, sort, mix and re-use. No more double entry. No more sticky notes.

For Managers

Gain control over your innovation portfolio.

Design a workflow and manage your innovation portfolio adapting the process to your reality.

Recreate your own process on powerUp, manage and gain control over multiple innovation funnels and have a holistic view of the innovation efforts of your organisation.

Innovation is not business as usual. It's time to align it with your company's strategy and goals.

With powerUp, innovation projects can be categorised, tracked, and analysed according to your company's vision, themes, and goals.

The innovation theatre is over. Measure and create progress reports of innovation projects and track how fast the teams are learning.

Powerful dashboards that automatically collect data from the teams and provide powerful innovation account metrics and analytics

Create and track multiple innovation funnels

All Innovation tools and docs in one platform.

Smart templates and canvases that produce real data

A powerful database with all your project insights.

One workstation for innovation teams

Your favourite lean innovation processes and tools for teams and managers in one place