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Global Portfolio Dashboards and Reports

  • Oversight on your whole innovation strategy and how projects connect to it
  • Look at your portfolio, gain insights and select projects by level of disruption
  • View projects based on a certain strategic priority, theme, value or space that your team is exploring.
  • View specific countries and regions in detail
  • Find everything, no more hunting and chasing for updates

Data-driven portfolio management

  • Monitor milestones, stage gates and budgets
  • Check the status of each project and team quickly
  • Set and monitor key performance indicators
  • All data gets aggregated through the process in one easy to use reporting tool
  • Apply learnings from one team to another

Innovation as a service

  • Use your step-by-step innovation process in powerUp
  • powerUp adapts to your processes and digitises them
  • Gain insights on your teams progress
  • powerUp will track how rapidly your teams execute
  • Automatic reporting at a click of a button

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Support your teams with the right process and methodology

Live financial updates on your innovation portfolio

We automate portfolio reporting across teams

We provide innovation accounting metrics that deliver insights and learning

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*By pressing the button above, you will schedule a tool demonstration, not a sales call (we promise)