The project management tool for innovation teams

powerUp replaces single-use post-its, forgotten canvases
and sluggish sheets. It keeps all your project data in one place.
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End-to-End Innovation Management

powerUp is the one tool you need to manage your innovation processes. Empower your teams to track their learnings, make data-driven decisions and report on progress efficiently. powerUp takes your teams from discovery to scale.

For Innovation Managers

  • A global dashboard of all your innovation efforts and teams in 1 place
  • Monitor budget, team performance and project status
  • Rapidly decrease costs by working in one system and eliminating hours of reporting
  • Use your existing innovation process
    in powerUP
  • Retain, share, and cross-pollinate knowledge between teams
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For Innovation Executors

  • A powerful suite of tools for your innovation projects
  • Lean startup, design thinking, agile, and growth hacking frameworks are built-in
  • Validate business assumptions, plan, track and execute experiments
  • No more scattered information on canvases and
    sticky notes

What they say about us...

"Instead of 10 tools, I now use powerUp to manage my project and keep my team updated on where I am."

- Esther (Business Designer)

"PowerUp is the tool I wish I had for all those years fumbling around with post-its, spreadsheets and decks.

- Natasha (Service designer)

"I really wish I had powerUp for my last project! I was using Mural, Spreadsheets and 5 other tools, it was crazy!"

- Luke (Validation Lead)

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*By pressing the button above, you will schedule a tool demonstration, not a sales call (we promise)